Nissan Sentra: Now in Austin

2014 Sentra SV in Metallic Blue
There is no doubt that the Nissan Sentra is the car of your dreams. This car is great for commuters, travelers, or even making quick runs to the grocery store. It offers nothing less than excellence with its re-designed exterior and interior. With its compact yet spacious environment, this car...[read more]

Presenting the 2015 Nissan Altima

2014 Altima in Super Black
Most of the new cars that are bought come from the mid-size sedan family, like the 2015 Nissan Altima. The 2015 Altima boasts a number of improvements over the previous year’s models, but still keeps the core of the Nissan dedication to performance and handling. It is one of those...[read more]

Nissan Altima Is One of the 10 Most Comfortable Cars

2014_nissan_altima_sedan_35_austin tx
The Nissan Altima is a name that people associate with beauty. The sleek grace of Nissan cars are well known throughout the world. They represent an opulence that few other cars can dream to emulate. Recently, it has been determined that the Altima falls into the class of the ten...[read more]

2015 Nissan Altima vs 2015 Mazda6 austin tx
Affordable luxury cars like the 2015 Nissan Altima don't come along every day. However, they are usually opposed by brand names such as the 2015 Mazda6. Both of these cars are elegant and stylish, but there is a clear dividing line over which one is the better buy. Here we...[read more]

Nissan Sentra: The Reviews Are In

2014 Sentra in Red Brick
Overview The Nissan Sentra is a car that will absolutely pamper your senses in luxury. According to Kelly Blue Book, when the Nissan Sentra was being re-designed, the goal was to produce a car that was compact and eco-friendly. This goal was accomplished. The Nissan Sentra gets money saving gas mileage...[read more]