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Alamo Bowl

The Alamo Bowl is easily one of the most exciting postseason games in college football. The second-choice teams for the Big 12 and Pac-12 Conferences take on each other during this game, and it can get wild. This year’s matchup will be at the Alamodome on Dec. 28, and tickets start at $50.

While it’s too early to know for sure which teams will match up in this year’s Alamo Bowl, sportscasters have made some predictions. There’s a good chance those predictions will stand.

Predicted Matchup: Texas vs. Utah

Right now, the sports world believes that the Texas Longhorns will face the Utah Utes in the Alamo Bowl.

It almost wasn’t so for the Longhorns. The team suffered a two-game losing streak earlier in the season before squeaking by Texas Tech 41-34. Then, they followed that win up with another against Iowa State. That’s put the Longhorns in a great position for the postseason. While some think the Longhorns will make it into a Big 6 Bowl, it’s much more likely that the team will play in the Alamo Bowl.

The Utah Utes will likely join the Longhorns there. The Utes secured the Pac-12 South Division Title for the first time ever. The Utes also have a chance at earning a spot in a Big 6 Bowl, but like the Longhorns, it’s much more likely they’ll land in the Alamo Bowl. Expect this team to be running on adrenaline as it marches its way to the postseason. While the players have stated they’re taking it one game at a time, they are in a new position, and that stress can follow a team into the end of the season. The Longhorns could use that to their advantage if they match up in the Alamo Bowl.

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How Are You Getting to the Alamo Bowl?

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