Get In The Holiday Mood With These Christmas Tunes

Christmas Tunes

Do you have a little extra “bah, humbug” in your step this holiday season? If you’re having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, you just need to listen to the right holiday tunes. Get the scoop on some of the most popular Christmas songs out there, and then put them on your playlist. It won’t be long before you’re free of that “bah, humbug” feeling.

“Christmas in Dixie” – Alabama

As anyone who lives below the Mason-Dixon Line knows, Christmas in the South is a bit different than anywhere else in the world. You can celebrate your Southern-style Christmas by listening to “Christmas in Dixie” by Alabama. This song was originally released in 1982, and it seems to get more popular by the year. Each of the verses mentions a non-southern city, such as Chicago, New York City, and Detroit. Then, it references a place in the South, such as Atlanta, Memphis, and Charlotte. Sadly, it doesn’t mention San Marcos, but it’s still a great Christmas tune.

“All I Want for Christmas Is You” – Mariah Carey

It’s easy to get in the holiday spirit when you listen to “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey. Carey released this song in 1994, and it was quickly embraced as one of the best modern Christmas songs out there. Now, it’s become a holiday standard. Carey co-wrote the song and then put Christmas decorations up in her home. That was so she could get into the holiday spirit and make her vocals more authentic. She definitely delivered, creating an upbeat and authentic holiday tune.

“White Christmas” – Bing Crosby

White Christmas” is one of the most popular holiday songs out there, and it’s been sung by numerous people. Nothing beats the Bing Crosby version, though. Crosby released his version in 1942, and it is still a radio staple to this day.

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“Silent Night” – Bing Crosby

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Bing Crosby on this list again, this time for his version of “Silent Night.” While Crosby’s version is the most popular, the song was actually composed back in 1818. This religious song is often heard in churches around the holidays.

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