Do You Have a Need for Speed?

Longhorn Racing AcademyFor some, watching sports on TV is enough. Then, there are the adrenaline junkies. They want the rush of a racecar flying around the track. Give your adrenaline junkie (or yourself) the perfect gift with reservations at The Longhorn Racing Academy. You can reserve the Supercar Driving Experience at Harris Hill Raceway for Feb. 24. You will select a supercar and drive on the 11-turn technical racetrack. Don’t worry. Classroom and in-car instructions are included.

No Limits

This isn’t make-believe. There are no limits when you take the wheel for the Supercar Driving Experience. You can hit top speeds if desired. Depending on the vehicle selected, you might make it past 200 miles per hour. You might need to close your eyes when you watch your friends whiz by in the supercar.

In-Car Instruction

There’s no need to stress out about the experience. You will be outfitted with a speaker and mic inside of the helmet. This allows for easy communication between the driver and instructor. The instructor will be right there in the passenger seat, giving instructions along each turn and straightaway. This is perfect for the novice driver who has the need for speed but still doesn’t know the ins and outs of handling a supercar. You’ll stay safe, and have the best afternoon ever.

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Learn Technical Skill

You might not realize it, but the Harris Hill Raceway is a difficult track. You will love navigating the turns. No two turns are alike, so he or she will need to use the skills learned in the classroom section to make it around each one. It’s all about timing, and that makes it even more exciting. It is a challenge, but it’s nothing you and your pals can’t handle.

You’re going to get quite the rush at the racetrack, but racecar driving isn’t practical in the day-to-day. You may enjoy driving, but you don’t want to go 150 or 200 miles an hour. You want all of the flash but in a safe and sensible way. We have you covered at Nissan of San Marcos in San Marcos, Texas. With our help, you can have as much fun as you would have driving a supercar, but you won’t have to deal with nerves when you take your corners.