Enjoy These Outdoor Activities In San Marcos

Outdoor Activities

Summer will soon be coming to an end. However, it’s not over yet, and you need to take full advantage of it while the weather is still as warm and as comfortable as can be. Take your opportunity now, and enjoy the great outdoors in the San Marcos area. There are countless outdoor activities you can take part in, so no matter what you do, you can have a blast without even traveling far from home. Take a look at some ideas for outdoor activities in the local area, and get ready to have an amazing time.

Rio Vista Falls Dam

When you live in the San Marcos area, you can dip your toes in some of the freshest water you’ve ever come across. The Rio Vista Falls Dam is a great place to go for a swim, especially when it’s as hot out as it is right now. It’s as clear as can be, and since it’s from a nearby natural spring, it pretty much stays around 72 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. It doesn’t get much more comfortable than that.

Go Hiking

Do you love to walk around while enjoying nature? Then you’re in luck. The San Marcos area boasts several places that are great to visit if you want to go hiking. In fact, there are thousands of miles of trails all around, so you should definitely take advantage of them when you can. One spot you should definitely check out is the Purgatory Creek Natural Area. It offers some of the most stunning views around San Marcos.

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Skydive San Marcos

Looking for something a little more extreme? Go skydiving at Skydive San Marcos. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone. If this is your first time jumping, you’ll do a tandem jump, which means you’ll be strapped onto a trained professional. That way, you can feel safe and confident as you take the leap. Oh, and you’ll get the best possible view of San Marcos and the surrounding areas that you’ve ever seen. If you’re an adventure junkie, this is definitely something you have to cross this off your list.

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