How San Marcos Drivers Can Take Control with NissanConnect®

Rogue NissanConnect San Marcos
From navigation to security and entertainment, NissanConnect® really does offer everything you need to stay completely connected during every San Marcos trip. While providing these functions right from the dash mounted touchscreen system, you can stream your favorite Pandora radio, remotely start your Nissan right from your smartphone, and even... [read more]

Show Your Style in a Nissan Kicks

Nissan Kicks
What if you could personalize your vehicle so it was just right for you? You get the look you want, all the special gadgets and safety features you could ever use, and so much more. Don’t you want that kind of ride? Well, now you can get it with the... [read more]

Celebrate San Marcos at the 72° Festival

72° Festival
The 72° Festival is the perfect chance for you to get a taste of what San Marcos is all about. It’s a celebration of the culture, music, and nature of the San Marcos area. Therefore, this is an event that everyone in San Marcos should consider attending. The festival is... [read more]

Get Out in Downtown San Marcos

Downtown Walkabout
When was the last time you really got involved with your community? It can be easy to forget about getting out and involved, especially when you have work, family, and your other responsibilities to think about. But if you really want to enjoy where you live, you should get out... [read more]

Need a Date Night? Miss Krissy’s Kids Got You Covered

Miss Krissy's Kids
Every month, Miss Krissy’s Kids hosts Parents Night Out to give you somewhere fun to drop off your kids so you can enjoy a date night without worrying about finding a sitter. This is the perfect chance to go to your favorite restaurant, catch a movie, or do anything else... [read more]