iTunes Radio and Nissan have Become Partners

Nissan is the exclusive partner for the new Apple iTunes Radio. This means Nissan will be the only advertiser featured during commercial breaks on iTunes Radio. The partnership is under a one-year contract with iAd. The ads will be interactive allowing users to click and access... [read more]

Get an Inside Look A The Nissan Nismo Race Team

Nissan Nismo Deltawing Race Car
  Race Engineers The Nismo team is comprised with a team of engineers to make sure the cars are always working in peak performance condition. They monitor the vehicles diagnostics, design, chassis and powertrains for all Nismo races. It’s the engineers’ responsibility to adjust... [read more]

Directions to Nissan of San Marcos (Video)

Directions to Nissan of San Marcos
Need Help Finding Nissan of San Marcos? Sometimes, it's tough finding where you want to go. We understand that. So, we made these easy-to-use videos to help you in your trip to come see us! Whether you're coming from San Antonio or Austin, we've got the directional videos to help you! In case... [read more]

Nissan Frontier Price Drops While MPG Rises

Red Nissan Frontier in the sand.
Competitive pricing and improved fuel economy are giving Nissan truck buyers more reason to drive the 2013 Frontier. Its initial price tag is lower than the 2012 model by over a thousand dollars. The 2014 Frontier gets an improved two miles per gallon. The V6 model sees improvements with an... [read more]

2014 Nissan Pathfinder Changes Direction

Red 2014 Nissan Pathfinder
The completely redesigned 2014 Nissan Pathfinder is much different than its predecessors. It’s moving more towards the crossover segment than the true SUV class. It’s a smart move too because more and more people are driving SUVs as their family vehicle rather than their off-road adventurer. With Nissan still providing... [read more]