San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter: Adopt, Don’t Shop

Animal Shelter
Have you been thinking of adding a furry friend to your family? Getting a pet is a great way to find a new friend and give a dog or cat a happy home. When you want to find the perfect pet, you have two options. You could go to a... [read more]

Try A New Gym In San Marcos

Everyone has different needs when it comes to going to the gym, which means that everyone needs a different gym to work out at. If you haven’t found your ideal gym in San Marcos yet, don’t worry. There are so many different gyms in the area that you shouldn’t have... [read more]

Take A Texas Wine Tour

Wine Tour
Did you know that one of the best places for wine tours in the entire country is right here in San Marcos, Texas? That’s right. Vin de Vie Tours operates right from San Marcos, and it takes you all over the Texas Hill Country to taste the flavors of the... [read more]

In the Community: San Marcos Lions Club

Everyone likes to talk about doing good for the community, but not everyone actually takes time out of their day and dedicates it to service. But that’s just what the San Marcos Lions Club does. The members are dedicated to making San Marcos a better place, so they participate in... [read more]

Tips For Enjoying The San Marcos River

So, you want to spend some time on the San Marcos River? That’s a great choice for a summertime activity. There are so many fun things to do on the river. However, when you’re out there, you want to stay safe and make sure you preserve the area. Therefore, here... [read more]