Meet Friends At Patio Dolcetto

Patio Dolcetto

Are you searching for a new spot to hang out with your friends? Check out Patio Dolcetto. This upscale wine bar opened in San Marcos in 2015, and it quickly became the go-to spot for hanging out while enjoying an adult beverage. From the atmosphere to the drink selection, you can’t go wrong with an evening at Patio Dolcetto.

The Atmosphere

Patio Dolcetto is quaint and elegant at the same time. The cozy interior is full of works from local artists, including paintings and sculptures. The bar also looks like a work of art. It was made from pecan trees, and mineral fragments sit atop it. The pecan trees once grew along the San Marcos River, and the mineral fragments actually look like the river. This is a cool touch that shows just how important details are to the bar’s owners.

Speaking of details, the patio area is perfect. It has intimate seating, heat lamps, and cute little touches you’ll love. The outdoor seating is intimate, comfortable, and perfect for socializing with your friends. That’s even the case when the bar hosts live music outside. The music isn’t overpowering, so you can still enjoy time with your friends.

Then, there’s a second patio upstairs. The patio is almost twice as big as the interior, and it’s also elegantly decorated.

Adult Beverages and Food

Does it feel like you can’t find the perfect glass of wine in San Marcos? You’ll never have that thought again once you go here. The bar has a huge assortment of options, and the staff will make recommendations based on your tastes.

You don’t have to stick to wine, either. You can get other options, such as craft beers and martinis. Be sure to try the caramelized pineapple martini. The unique toasted marshmallow taste is divine.

Oh, and you’ll want to get a cheese board when you’re here. It goes perfectly with the drinks, and it’s super filling.

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The Events

Patio Dolcetto also hosts events throughout the year. You can listen to live jazz, enjoy game nights, and more. It keeps an updated list of events on its Facebook page, so check it out.

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