Plan A Visit To Wonder World Park


The San Marcos, TX area has lots of fun parks to visit, but few are as unique as Wonder World Park. It’s known as the “first show cave in Texas” and has been an attracting curious visitors for over 100 years. The park, however, is much more than just the cave. Here are a few things you can look forward to enjoying during your visit to Wonder World Park this summer:

Wonder Cave

While there are many fun attractions at the park, the centerpiece is Wonder Cave. It’s technically known as the Balcones Fault Line Cave and was created from an earthquake. Guides will navigate you through the cave as you experience the wonder of viewing “fossilized prehistoric life encased in the many strata formations and huge boulders suspended mid-air,” according to the park’s website.

Catch a Ride on the Train

The train runs through the waterfall of Mystery Mountain as it transports you to the Texas Wildlife Petting Park at Wonder World Park. You’ll enjoy feeding, petting, and interacting with all the wildlife during your journey on the train. You can purchase both human refreshments and deer feed prior to your departure at the train station.

The Upside Down World of the Anti-Gravity House

Blow your mind with a visit to the Anti-Gravity House at Wonder World Park. This is the spot where things that go up don’t always come down and water runs uphill. It’s a favorite destination for kids of all ages at the park.

Experience the View in the Observation Tower

While exiting Wonder Cave, you’ll take the “Stratavator” which runs up a shaft. As you go up, you’ll see all the geological strata formations and end up at the Observation Museum in the Sky. This offers a breathtaking view of the area surrounding the park and all the unique landmarks created by the earthquake.

Unique Gifts, Games & More

Wonder World Park features a brand new arcade room with all the latest games for kids to enjoy. Also, you can browse unique gift items at Wonder World Store. You’ll find a great selection of toys and gifts to commemorate your visit to the park.

Gem mining is also available at Wonder World Park. Younger children love getting a bucket of sand and sifting through to find what kind of treasure lies inside.

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