Get Ready For The Purgatory Trail Run

Purgatory Trail Run

It’s time to dig out those running shoes and register for the 7th Annual Purgatory Trail Run. The 5K and 10-mile runs will be at the San Marcos Greenbelt on Jan. 12 at 9 a.m. Registration is $25 for the 5K and $35 for the 10-mile run. This race benefits San Marcos High School Cross Country Boosters Club, so come out, get some exercise, and help the Rattlers.

Here’s what you need to know about the race.

Which Race Is Right for You?

When you determine if you should go on the 5K or 10-mile course, you need to think about more than distance. Even if you can run 10 miles, the 10-mile course might not be the right choice.

The 10-mile race is more difficult than the 5K. You’ll encounter some difficult sections that will test your skills on the trail. This is the right choice if you have some experience with trail running. If you’re new to running on the trails, the 5K is the better choice. With a medium technical rating, you can ease into trail running on this course.

A Sustainable Race

This is a sustainable race, so the organizers won’t provide paper cups at water stations. While the stations will be there, you’ll need to bring your own water bottle. This doesn’t just keep the paper cups out of the landfills. It also means you can get even more water at the water stations. One thing to keep in mind: You’ll want to find a water bottle that you can clip to your clothes or carry in a hydration belt. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck holding your bottle while running. That won’t be much fun.

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Go at Your Own Pace

Everyone is welcome to participate in the race. That includes walkers and hikers. If you aren’t sure if you can run the entire race, participate anyway. It’s for a good cause, and there will be walkers there.

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