In the Community: San Marcos Lions Club

San Marcos Lions Club

Everyone likes to talk about doing good for the community, but not everyone actually takes time out of their day and dedicates it to service. But that’s just what the San Marcos Lions Club does. The members are dedicated to making San Marcos a better place, so they participate in all kinds of fundraisers to help improve the community. Take a look at some of what the Lions Club has been up to, and go support the group. Who knows? You may even want to join the organization once you see what it does.

Lions Club Tube Rental

This is probably what the San Marcos Lions Club is most known for, as it is one of its most successful fundraising endeavors. Every year, the club rents out tubes on the San Marcos River. Since so many people want to go down the river, the club ends up raising a lot of money. All that money goes back into the community, supporting efforts to make San Marcos a better place to live for everyone. If you want to support the great work that the Lions Club is doing, simply take a float down the river. That’s not too hard, is it?

Fajita Dinner

Another fundraiser that the Lions Club puts on and sponsors is the Fajita Dinner. This tradition has been going on since the ’70s, and it’s still a popular event. All you have to do is go and enjoy a fajita – that’s it! Then, all the money the club raises will go back into the community for local charities and emergency relief efforts. It’s never been so tasty to donate to a good cause.

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Christmas Baskets

Every Christmas, the San Marcos Lions Club partners with HEB to help families in need during the holidays. They deliver cases of food with all of the ingredients needed for a traditional holiday meal. Not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on food and presents every Christmas, so they try to make sure that those in need have the essentials for a pleasant and relaxing holiday with their families.

Now that you know what this club does, you probably want to support them as much as possible. But you can’t do much to help if you can’t even get around town. Fix that problem with a new ride from Nissan of San Marcos in San Marcos, Texas, and you can dedicate your time to helping causes like these.