San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter: Adopt, Don’t Shop

Animal Shelter

Have you been thinking of adding a furry friend to your family? Getting a pet is a great way to find a new friend and give a dog or cat a happy home. When you want to find the perfect pet, you have two options. You could go to a pet store. However, many pet stores get their cats and dogs from breeders, which definitely isn’t the most ethical option. But you can avoid all that when you adopt a pet from the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter. The animals at the shelter are sweet as can be, and they simply want to find their forever home. Is that your home? Take a look at what you can expect from the adoption process.

Search Online

The best way to get a new pet is to start your search online. The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter puts all the animals that are up for adoption online, so you can browse through their pictures whenever you want. That way, you can see which pets interest you before you actually adopt. Take your time to really get the information at all the animals you’re looking at. Then, you can fill out an application and an adoption questionnaire online before you go to the shelter to visit. This will help the staff at the shelter to better coordinate your visit.

Visit the Pet in Person

Your next step is to go to the animal shelter to interact with the animals you’re interested in. Don’t try to rush this process, as it could take some time. Instead, schedule enough of your time to get to know the animal to see if you think it might be a good match. If you have kids, it’s a good idea to bring them along, as well. Some animals don’t care for small children, and you want to make sure your new pet and your little ones get along before you bring your dog or cat home.

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Once you have figured out which animal you want to take home, you can begin the adoption process. You will have to fill out some paperwork first. Then, the animal must be spayed or neutered and microchipped before he or she goes home to you. That will ensure your new animal will be as safe and as healthy as can be.

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