Spend The Day Outdoors At Sewell Park

Sewell Park

The weather is warmer than ever, and you probably want to get outside whenever you can. But where should you go? Sure, you’ve spent time in your own backyard or neighborhood, and now, you’re looking for something different. Well, if you want to visit a park with tons of amenities, you’ll head to Sewell Park. This park is located on the Texas State University campus, and it’s a beautiful place to spend your day outdoors. Whether you’re coming out to exercise or just want to sunbathe and enjoy a picnic on the lawn, you’ll have a lot of fun. Check out a few of the things you can do when you visit this park.

Sand Volleyball Courts

Want to get active? Head over to the sand volleyball courts at Sewell Park. These courts are in pristine condition, and they are the perfect place to play a game or two. Whether you want to get a big group together so you can all play a serious game or you’d rather just toss the ball back and forth with a friend, you have to check out these volleyball courts.

Basketball Court

Looking for a different kind of game? Just head on over to the outdoor basketball court. You can practice your dribble or your shooting or play a whole pickup game with your friends. Either way, you’re going to have a blast.

Grills and Picnic Tables

After all that playing, you might get hungry. That’s why you should check out the grills and picnic tables. Bring some food out to have a barbecue, and you’ll be all ready for a party. With the picnic tables at your disposal, you don’t even have to bring a blanket so you can eat on the ground — unless you want to, that is!

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Open Spaces

Of course, sometimes, you just want to enjoy nature in the park. Therefore, you’re likely to enjoy this park’s open spaces. You can throw a Frisbee or play some soccer. Or, if you feel like slowing down and relaxing, you can set out a towel and sunbathe. Soaking up that Texas sun and heat is going to feel amazing after a long day at the park.

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