Because Smart Drivers Choose Nissan They Will Have a Watch To Go With Their Cars


Making waves with new innovations is nothing new to Nissan; however the concept of a smartwatch that links to your Juke Nismo is very new. The smartwatch will be compatible with the Nismo. It will allow drivers to monitor their average speed and fuel consumption all from the convenience on their wrist. The watch will not only provide vehicle intel but will also give the driver the capability to monitor their heart rate and other biometric data. All of the data on the smartwatch can also be linked to the dashboard for easy access to view while driving.

Nismo-tuned vehicles, including the Nissan FT-R and Juke will provide Bluetooth connectivity with the smartwatch. The smartwatch will have a seven-day battery life, three colors and crafted of rubber cribbed from used race tires. You will never worry about what your vehicle is doing under the hood now thanks to the Nissan smartwatch.

This fun accessory for performance drivers comes at a time when technology is king. The Juke Nismo will have the edge by being the first to offer such a convenience. The technology on the smartwatch also has a bright future. Nissan will eventually be able to use the watch to communicate with the driver. It will remind you when you need to have the car maintenance, offer special incentives for Nissan owners, and much more. Accessibility is becoming more and more popular and the smartwatch for the Juke Nismo is taking it even one step further.

This timepiece is the future for vehicles and Nissan is blazing the unbeaten path. Come see us today at Nissan of San Marcos to experience before anyone else all the technology that Nissan has to offer. Our extensive line of performance Nismo’s are available now. Nissan of San Marcos also has plenty of other Nissan parts and accessories to make your driving experience for convenient and fun.