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You Won’t Want To Miss The San Marcos PetFest

If you’re like most San Marcos pet owners, you absolutely love your furry (or feathery… or scaly…) best friend. Your pet gives you so much joy each and every day. Shouldn’t you find some way to show your appreciation? You can do just that when you attend the San Marcos... [read more]

Visit Farmer Fred’s Harvest Fall Carnival

Fall Carnival
You’re always on the lookout for more family-friendly activities, especially when the weather starts to cool down. One great option is to go to Farmer Fred’s Harvest Fall Carnival. This event has been pretty popular in years past, and now, it’s back again. It’s an opportunity to dress up in... [read more]

Gear Up For The Downtown Mermaid Promenade

Mermaid Promenade
We’ve all seen The Little Mermaid once, twice, or hundreds of times. If you haven’t, you’re missing out. From Sebastian the crab to Ursula the sea witch, The Little Mermaid offers an adventure you want to join in on. If your child is currently obsessed with the film and all... [read more]

Join The Party In The Park At Dunbar Park

Dunbar Park
There are always activities going on around town, but most of the time, it seems like they cost money. But just because you want to go out and have some fun doesn’t mean you want to have to spend any money. But when you go to Party in Your Park... [read more]

Visit a Chinese Restaurant in San Marcos, TX

food from Chinese Restaurant in San Marcos TX
Looking for unbeatable Chinese food just down the road? Look no further! Check out these awesome local restaurants! Find everything from egg rolls, to dumplings, to fried rice and so much more! Read below to find the perfect place for you! Imperial Garden Chinese Restaurant At Imperial Garden Chinese Restaurant everything is... [read more]